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The Star Dusk Story

The world of Star Dusk is set in an uneasy future where mankind is forced to expand beyond Earth and seek resources from neighboring galaxies. Unfortunately, law and order cannot be contained beyond our atmosphere. Mankind has overpopulated their Earth and are forced into the outer rims of space. The powerful and corrupt trading corporations are left with their only option for industrialize the planets, moons, and the stars themselves! Set in the year 3701, Star Dusk follows the stories of five characters, each one related to the genocidal business perpetrated by human trading corporations. The five characters, burdened by their own personal vendettas, must band together to survive in an industrialized galaxy... where danger is abundant, currency is King, and Stars are dwindling rapidly. This. Is. Star Dusk.


Commander Alder

After making a virtuous decision, Alder is left as the sole survivor of his platoon, and a prisoner of war on an outer rim planet. With time running out before his military's next barrage, he attempts to warn the innocent captors of these attacks. After abandoning his military's genocidal mission, he finds himself in the middle of battle between his father's powerful trading corporation, and a peaceful planet of mysterious, intelligent humanoids. Alder must now prepare for what consequences await him in this unstable environment.


Marked for colonization, Dost's homeworld is doomed to be stripped for assets and all inhabitants enslaved by a corrupt trading corporation. After a victorious battle over their attackers, Dost and his people are left with a single prisoner of war - the unit leader, Commander Alder. With another looming military attack, Dost must now quickly make a decision for the good of his people, and choose whether or not the commander can be trusted?


An unhinged but brilliant chemist, Razeck is in command of the chemical engineering laboratory on his planet. While on an atmospheric mission, his crew are urged to abandon the assignment by ground control and escape. An unusual solar flare races towards the planet, spelling certain doom for the Skar'Deks! A miscalculation, however, leaves Razeck not only the surviving member of his crew, but now of his entire race. Amongst the vast emptiness of space, the Skar'Dek must now grapple with his own madness while searching for the nearest space port to seek answers for his questions -- like who or what could have caused the unprecedented solar flare that erased his species.


Born into a proud warrior species, Xurgh was a natural-born bruiser because of his immense size and strength. After an incident amongst his tribesmen leaves Xurgh banished, he decides to traverse the unforgiving terrain of his planet in search of a new life. He is taken in by another colony as one of their sacred protectors, entrusted with the security of his new brethren. On the day that a malicious force attempts to purge the colony, Xurgh and his squad are blindsided and the mighty Warkron fails to save his people. With no ties any longer to his planet, Xurgh leaves bearing a heavy guilt, and a burning rage for the forces that plagued his homeworld. Poised with a newfound attitude, Xurgh heads for the nearest port in search of a new, less honorable line of work...the business of bounty hunting.


Commander Alder's squad encounter Xeno while stranded on a remote moon nestled in the far reaches of the Suxur Edge, one of the most unexplored regions of the known Universe. Without resources or an immediate plan, the renegades take refuge from a storm within a distant cavern. It is here that contact is first made with the mysterious being, during a series of seemingly divine phenomenon. Through the use of telepathy, the unseen entity is able to communicate with the crew. Comprised of dense, unidentifiable gases, the being explains that it comes from a race of hyper intelligent, ancient cosmic nomads. The foreign entity, newly dubbed by the crew as Xeno, also explains that it is unwilling to approach Alder and company without a physical body. While the conversations are relatively simple and brief, Xeno exudes intensity, poise, and a strong moral compass. After a series of discoveries within the cave, Razeck and Dost are able to fashion a specialized housing unit for their new acquaintance, allowing them to establish physical contact and meet face to face! It will soon be known to the band of rebels that fate brought them to this cave, stranded on a foreign moon. For each of them shares a commonality with their mystifying companion …more specifically a common enemy. And as the storm dies down and the planet quiets, the squad members must now consider a new plan…one that includes escaping in convoy with Xeno!