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Tygron hails from the formidable warrior species known as the Navrok. The Navrok are renowned throughout the galaxy for their unwavering commitment to martial excellence. Their home planet, Warthral, was a crucible of perpetual conflict, and Tygron's upbringing was steeped in the ethos of strength and valor.


Grishk is a promising young warrior of the Vrek, an alien race known for their adaptability and exceptional hunting skills. Born and raised on the perilous planet of Hidara, Grishk's early years were marked by the constant struggle for survival, which forged him into a skilled and resourceful fighter.

Shadow Stalker

The Shadow Stalkers are a covert and elite unit within the Vrek alien race, known for their exceptional skills in stealth, reconnaissance, and assassination. Hailing from the planet Hidara, they have been shaped by the perilous environment and formidable threats that characterizes their home world.