About Us

Welcome to Fox Forge Toys, where imagination knows no bounds! We are a passionate team based in the heart of Northern New Jersey, dedicated to the art of world-building and the creation of thrilling collectible toys that inspire adventure and wonder.

At Fox Forge Toys, we believe that collectible action figures should be more than just objects; they should be gateways to new worlds, sparks of creativity, and cherished pieces of nostalgia. Our mission is to bring joy and excitement to collectors of all ages by crafting high-quality, meticulously designed, and highly articulated action figures.

Our Commitment to Quality

Quality is at the core of everything we do. Our collectible action figures are not just playthings; they are masterpieces of craftsmanship. Each figure is created with precision and care, featuring soft goods for lifelike textures and exceptional articulation for dynamic posing. We understand that the true beauty of a collectible toy lies in the details.

World-Building at Its Best

What sets Fox Forge Toys apart is our unwavering passion for world-building. We don't just design toys; we create entire universes. Our team of imaginative minds and skilled artisans work tirelessly to craft characters and stories that captivate the imagination. Whether you're a fan of epic science fiction, high fantasy, or anything in between, we have a collectible action figure that will transport you to a world of adventure.

Partnering for Success

In addition to our in-house creations, we also offer a unique opportunity for clients. Are you looking to bring your own action figure designs to life? Look no further! Fox Forge Toys specializes in helping clients design and produce action figures that meet their exact specifications. Our expertise in the field ensures that your vision becomes a reality.

Join the Fox Forge Toys Community

We invite you to explore our collection, immerse yourself in our stories, and join our ever-growing community of collectors. When you acquire a collectible action figure from Fox Forge Toys, you're not just acquiring an action figure; you're becoming a part of our world-building journey.

Thank you for visiting Fox Forge Toys. We're excited to share our passion with you and bring a little bit of adventure into your world.

Fox Forge Toys