Book I

  • Installment 1.2

    Mankind was extremely vulnerable in its first century of deep space travel. To better prepare for an unpredictable universe, earth’s governing bodies deemed it necessary to establish a united military force. This new service, referred to as the "United Terra Defense Force" (UTDF), was sworn in to protect all migrating Earth Colonies. Each division would not only assist during the actual migration process but also in overseeing colony security...
  • Installment 1.1

    Commander Colton Aftin and Captain Kyran Alder are on board Volta's largest command ship, on their way to the briefing in the ship's war room. Tension has been rising between Volta Enterprises and their partnering star systems. With so much uncertainty surrounding the trade giant and its hired army, this meeting could have bigger implications than the two men could ever have imagined... Registered & Protected