Commander Alder Bio

Commander Kyran Alder is the son of Valek Alder who runs the head of Volta Enterprises. This influential trade conglomerate has been owned and operated by the Alder family since the year 2901; nearly 450 years from the time when humans first began toying with intergalactic travel and 900 years since their departure from a dying Earth. With so much human history coursing through the Alder bloodline, it is no wonder why the family name garners so much respect and notoriety.

Seen in Valeks eyes as the next successor, Kyran is brought up through the ranks of the intense Legionnaire training program at a young age. This allows Kyran to become well trained in the field of combat and leadership. He is also highly admired by his success rate when planning offensive and defensive tactics. However, one mission goes all wrong and makes him choose a virtuous decision on whether he should stay and be a part of his father’s plans or be the driving force that takes down Volta Enterprises.