Dread Ops Legionnaire Bio

 Dreads Ops were created explicitly for Valek Alder's personal use in missions that he deems of utmost importance. He is the only ranking official of Volta Enterprises that can authorize their deadly use in ground assignments. Their existence is not on official record and their use is always covered up in a shroud of secrecy. They are for all intents and purposes, ghostly assassins. Their deathly presence is further reinforced by the gray face paint each soldier wears into battle. The Dread Ops training regimen is made separate from their Reaper Division brethren, but shares one commonality apart from the same war paint worn - each and every soldier is prepared to implement the deadliest of force. What sets the Dread Ops apart from Reapers, however, is that they are trained to operate best in small numbers. Each deployed Dread company can include as little as five soldiers but no more than ten.