Galactic Valor Lore


The Corthix System, a constellation of vibrant planets, was a realm of harmony and isolation. Each planet, a unique world to itself, was inhabited by a distinct alien race. These races, while diverse in culture and values, coexisted peacefully. None had yet unraveled the mysteries of interplanetary travel, leaving each race confined to its own celestial body. Within the Corthix system are seven planets, four hosted the dominant and most advanced races. Each of these races had successfully colonized their respective planets, establishing themselves as the sole ruling entities:

Planet Hidara

 Home to the Vrek, a race known for their adaptive methods and hunting acumen. Hidara’s vast deserts but also luscious jungles provided a lot of hunting games and harvesting. However, there are beasts of all various sizes in each biome that constantly test the best Vrek hunter. Given there are a lot of threats on Hidara it allowed the Vrek to become some of the most adaptive and skilled warriors in the galaxy.

Planet Coralith

The deep blue world of the Karken. After centuries marked by plagues that have come close to wiping out their race, the Karken developed a higher tolerance for diseases. As they evolved, they became focused on deep sea herbalism. Their focus on herbalism allowed them to become one with Coralith and they fostered a society profoundly rooted to medicines. Coralith’s deep oceans provided a wealth of medicines that could cure the worst viruses. They started to trade their medicines to neighboring planets in the Corthix System to help bring in a wealth of revenue for their planet. As more credits came into the economy it allowed the Karken to build floating cities that were filled with state-of-the-art hospitals, farms, grand theaters, and art galleries, reflecting the Karken’s love for the beauty of medicine.

Planet Innovarix

Inhabited by the Tekrons, this planet was the technological jewel of the Corthix System. They were always ahead in the race of scientific advancements for all categories. The Tekron would put cybernetic enhancements on their bodies to prolong their lives and make themselves stronger. The Tekron were also the first to achieve interplanetary travel in the Corthix System. Their early expeditions to neighboring planets, driven by curiosity and the thirst for knowledge, became a catalyst for rising tensions among the planets.

Planet Warthral

A rugged terrain with fortresses built into cliffs, this planet was home to the Navrok, fierce warriors who valued martial prowess above all. Warthral was a planet once inhabited by multiple races competing for dominance over its arid terrain but the Navrok emerged supreme. Their unparalleled military strategy and their focus on weaponry led them to hunt down and extinguish all other races on Warthral, securing their position as the planet's sole surviving race.

Interplanetary Travel

As the planets of the Corthix System began their forays into interplanetary travel, tensions inevitably rose. The Tekrons, with their advanced technology, had already explored the entire system and built and colonized many satellites that orbited their neighbor’s planets, creating a sense of unease among the other races. While some planets admired the Tekrons for their achievements, others viewed them with suspicion, fearing they might exert dominance over the system.

The cultural differences further increase these tensions. Where the Vrek sought diplomatic solutions, the Navrok prepared for potential conflict. The Karken, with their sensibilities, hoped to bridge the divide through cultural exchange, while the Tekrons believed in the power of collaboration and shared knowledge.

The Great Solar War

Thanks to its newfound interconnectivity, the system became a cauldron of ambition, curiosity, and mistrust. As the races began to explore and establish outposts on other planets their territorial disputes became inevitable. Initially, the interactions were strictly diplomatic. Envoys and delegates traveled between planets and moons, addressing trade disagreements and territorial claims. Every corner of the solar system began to be marked with one flag or another. Then, the thin veil of civility began to unravel when a rogue Navrok soldier assassinated a Tekron envoy during a visit to a moon near Warthral. From here, fighting became common among the races. What started as minor skirmishes over resources and strategic locations soon escalated into full-blown conflicts.

The Vrek, with their adaptive methods and hunting acumen, would put up good fights in defending their territory. However, their efforts were often undermined by the Navrok’s aggressive expansionist mentality and their history of hunting other races to extinction on their home planet. The Karken, while primarily peaceful, found themselves drawn into the conflict to protect their cultural herbalist sites on other planets they built.

The Tekron, despite their advanced technology, were caught off guard by the intensity of the conflicts. Their early lead in space exploration had not prepared them for the complexities of interplanetary warfare. They found themselves defending their outposts and research facilities from multiple fronts, spreading their resources thin.

The war raged on for years, with each race employing its unique strengths. The Karken’s diplomatic channels worked tirelessly to broker ceasefires, the Navrok's generals used their skills to document the war and rally support for more warriors, the Vrek’s unmatched adaptive methods and hunting acumen led them to several key victories, and the Tekron's technological innovations introduced new warfare tactics.

It was a war that saw alliances formed and broken, planets scarred, and generations forever changed by battle. But as the conflict raged, a much larger threat loomed, soon to change the importance and sustainability. These wars over an individual system would prove to be worth nothing......