Insurgent Legionnaire Bio

The historical archives will show that the army-for-hire known presently as the Legionnaires was never solely employed by the villainous Volta Enterprises. After the war erupted between the United Terra Defense Force (U.T.D.F) and the defecting, self-proclaimed Alphas began taking on contracts with various cartels and any other entities willing to pay their astronomical wages. That is when Volta picked up a large enough contract that intended to employ all of the remaining Alpha groups. As a result, some found this to not be in the best interest for the Alphas as a whole. Some split away from the newly dubbed Legionnaire forces because of this.

Fast forward to the ongoing war between the rebel band of mercenaries, Cobalt Squad, and the tyrannical Volta Enterprises. In order to keep the fight growing against the ever-expanding trade empire, Cobalt Squad required more muscle for the larger jobs to keep on the offensive. Commander Kyran Alder, a former leader in the Legionnaire army, knew of the closely guarded history of the Alphas through his secretive studies of Volta’s restricted files. If there was any way that his squad was going to get the support they required, this had to be the way. After a daring mission aboard a Volta Super-Class starship, Cobalt Squad was able to acquire the files and information needed to call on and locate any remaining Alpha defectors. While Commander Alder and his squad found the defectors to have less-than-virtuous ideals, they all shared one common conviction. That one common view being that Volta and their evil operations would be the downfall of humanity and that they need to be stopped at all costs. And thus, Cobalt Squad created the Insurgent Legionnaires to continue bringing the fight to Volta Enterprises!