Xurgh Bio

Born into a proud warrior species, Xurgh was a natural-born bruiser because of his immense size and strength. After an incident amongst his tribesmen leaves Xurgh banished, he decides to traverse the unforgiving terrain of his planet in search of a new life. He is taken in by another colony as one of their sacred protectors, entrusted with the security of his new brethren. On the day that a malicious force attempts to purge the colony, Xurgh and his squad are blindsided and the mighty Warkron fails to save his people. With no ties any longer to his planet, Xurgh leaves bearing a heavy guilt, and a burning rage for the forces that plagued his homeworld. Poised with a newfound attitude, Xurgh heads for the nearest port in search of a new, less honorable line of work...the business of bounty hunting.