"Legionnaire Troopers" Bio

As humans expanded beyond their galactic neighborhood, the need for protection and security increased drastically. This culminated with the creation of the United Terra Defense Force (U.T.D.F.) to accompany every new, intergalactic human settlement (Earth Colony). The U.T.D.F. service men and women were originally seen as keepers of the peace and therefore, their service wages were limited only to the cost of living. As time went on and humans began to industrialize new solar systems, it became apparent to some in the U.T.D.F. that they could be receiving higher compensation working for these contracted businesses. Some chose to remain loyal to only protecting the human settlements, while others, lead by a tyrannical general, decided to defect. Born out of the bloodiest civil conflict in human history, the Legionnaires are the ultimate fighting force for any who pay their top-dollar rates. The endless hordes of soldiers boast some of the toughest combatants and military specialists from all corners of earth, and their loyalty is only matched by the names signing their paychecks.

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