"Xeno" Bio


Commander Alder's squad encounter Xeno while stranded on a remote moon nestled in the far reaches of the Suxur Edge, one of the most unexplored regions of the known Universe. Without resources or an immediate plan, the renegades take refuge from a storm within a distant cavern. It is here that contact is first made with the mysterious being, during a series of seemingly divine phenomenon. Through the use of telepathy, the unseen entity is able to communicate with the crew. Comprised of dense, unidentifiable gases, the being explains that it comes from a race of hyper intelligent, ancient cosmic nomads. The foreign entity, newly dubbed by the crew as Xeno, also explains that it is unwilling to approach Alder and company without a physical body. While the conversations are relatively simple and brief, Xeno exudes intensity, poise, and a strong moral compass. After a series of discoveries within the cave, Razeck and Dost are able to fashion a specialized housing unit for their new acquaintance, allowing them to establish physical contact and meet face to face! It will soon be known to the band of rebels that fate brought them to this cave, stranded on a foreign moon. For each of them shares a commonality with their mystifying companion …more specifically a common enemy. And as the storm dies down and the planet quiets, the squad members must now consider a new plan…one that includes escaping in convoy with Xeno!

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